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This site is an ongoing project and new/updated items are added from time to time, so BOOKMARK us and stop by often. Thank you and we hope you enjoy your visit. The Stokes County Historical Society was established in 1968 to preserve the history of Stokes County in the State of North Carolina. We have grown over the years, published two volumes of Stokes County history, obtained several properties to preserve, sponsored and helped establish the research room in the Danbury Library, and established The Museum of Regional History in the 1859 Fulton House in Danbury. We welcome new members and encourage you to join our efforts to preserve our history. You are invited to come to our bi-monthly meetings starting in January on the third Sunday of the month at one of the county libraries. If you have matters that you wish to bring to the attention of the Historical Society, feel free to contact us. Our mailing address and telephone number are listed below.

Formation of Stokes County
Stokes County (North Carolina) was formed in 1789 from Surry County. It was named in honor of Captain John Stokes, a soldier of the Revolution, who was seriously wounded at the Waxhaw Massacre when Colonel Buford's Regiment was cut to pieces by Tarlton. After the war, George Washington appointed Stokes a judge of the United States District Court of North Carolina. Stokes County is in the north central section of the State and is bounded by Rockingham, Forsyth and Surry counties and the state of Virginia. When Stokes was taken from Surry county the old courthouse, in Old Richmond, was ordered to be sold, and the proceeds were to be equally divided between Surry and Stokes and applied towards the erection of new courthouses. The act ordered the first court to be held at the home of Gray Bynum, and all subsequent courts were to be held where the justices designated until the courthouse could be erected. Commissioners were named to select the site and have the public building erected. In 1790 Rockford was chosen to be the county seat of Surry County and Germantown (now known as Germanton) was chosen to be the county seat of Stokes County. Germantown was laid out on land deeded to the county from Michael and Henry Fry. Germantown remained the county seat of Stokes county until 1849 when Forsyth County was formed from Stokes. The act establishing Forsyth county directed that the first court of Stokes, after the passage of the act, be held at Germantown, at which time the justices were to determine a location for the new courthouse and jail.  In 1851, Crawford was established as the county seat. In 1852, the name Crawford was changed to Danbury . Danbury remains as the county seat of Stokes County.


Stokes County Museum of History
This is a photo of the restored 1850s Wilson Fulton house in Danbury NC, the county seat of Stokes County. After much hard work and perserverance the Stokes County Historical Society transformed the house into a Museum of History for the county and surrounding area. Many artifacts and historical pieces have been donated to the museum. To view some of these and for more information and photos click the Museum of History link at the top of the page.


Rock House
The Revolutionary War-era Rock House, built by John Martin, is owned by The Stokes County Historical Society. It is one of the oldest structures in Stokes County. The foundation was laid in the 1770's and the house was finished ca 1785. It is listed in the National Register of Historic Places. For more information and photographs click the Rock House link at the top of the page.


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